Monday, June 13, 2011

Fashion Show Poster

Here is the official poster for the Illustrating Fashion event held by Cereal Box. Clear your schedule for Saturday, July 16th and come enjoy a night of fashion, music and entertainment. Come be inspired and surrounded by creativity!!!!

"A night comprised of individual and unique perspectives on the concept of Fashion.

The event will begin with a Fashion Parade of handmade garments by young aspiring designers with live music by Steph Rigano. Two young designers will launch their labels, ‘heart & bones' by Kyana Pike and 't-maree' by Tania Clarke. The night will be the launch of exhibition ‘Perception of Fashion’, a show illustrating the various outlooks and ‘perceptions’ of Fashion by talented local emerging artists. There will be performances afterwards by several local bands."

Licensed Bar
$5.00 Entry

Hope to see your pretty face there,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Bulletin Article

Here is the scanned copies of the Saturday Townsville Bulletin article that I was featured in today. Hope you like the story!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Swing of Things

Now that university has slowed down, I have time to get back into the things I enjoy. My brain has been on a creative low lately and I intend to indulge in inspiration until I get it right back where I want it. 


Today I've spent my day lounging around, going through my material and sewing a dress. The dress I'm currently working on involves a scalloped hem, which is something I'm mildly obsessed with lately.

I'm also working on a little polka dot number...

Scalloped hem..harder than it looks!

Can anyone say POLKA DOTS?

My little beauty looking pretty after a hard day's work..


I've also recently been featured on a website called "Upcycle Australia" which is a website that is dedicated to showcasing people who use recycled material and reinvent it into a work of art. 

Since I use recycled fabric in some of my designs, I was approached to be featured on their website.Here is a screen shot for you, or you can click on the link above to see the original article.


 In the previous post I talked about the shoot that I styled, here are some Polaroid snaps of me putting together some outfits and Frances hard at work shooting away...

Another project I'm working on is creating a logo and ordering labels for my clothes, so they can be attached. Any ideas on a logo?

Look out for this Saturday's Townsville Bulletin as I will be featured in an article by Fashion Journalist, Roanne Johnson.

Hope your day is wonderful,

All photos taken by me.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Large Update of Recent Projects

The first question on your lips is probably...what have I been up to lately? The past two months have been quite hectic, exciting and crazy.


I was approached a little while ago by a group of university students who study New Media Arts, about using my clothes for a fashion film they are producing. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity and felt so grateful that they had chosen to use my designs! 

This talented group of people have been working hard to produce an amazing film to accompany my designs. If you aren't aware already, most designers have a "mood" film with each collection they assesmble. An example of this is the video for the latest Rodarte collection "The Curve of Forgotten Things" starring Elle Fanning. 

Rodarte "The Curve of Forgotten Things" from Michael Mees on Vimeo.

Check out some behind the scene shots of the filming with the model wearing my creations. Here are the photos Aleena Bridge took throughout the filming process. Aleena is just one of the many talented students who worked on producing this film. You can find her work on facebook here

By the way, the stunning model who you've seen before is Jessica Feaver, my dear friend. 

Photo by Aleena Bridge

Photo by Aleena Bridge

Photo by Aleena Bridge

Photo by Aleena Bridge

Photo by Aleena Bridge

Here are more wonderful images by Emily Clarke. She captured my dresses perfectly. You can find some more of her amazing work here.

Photo by EMbrace Creations

Photo by EMbrace Creations

Photo by EMbrace Creations

Photo by EMbrace Creations 


I've also recently been featured on the Youth Arts Queensland blog. This is apart of the Starburst grant that I share with my friend and business partner Jessica Hay. They interviewed me a little while ago and produced this blog where I talk about my designs, inspirations and the sewing workshops that I'm apart of held at Cereal Box.


The other exciting projects I've been working on is my fashion column for Mayhem Magazine. My first column is set to be released in the Winter Issue of Mayhem along with an article I wrote about a local artist. I'm beyond excited and can't wait to keep immersing myself in Fashion Journalism. I will post a scan of my fashion column and article when it is published. 


Another project I worked on was styling my friends photoshoot for her university assignment.As you probably know, Frances is my amazing photographer who shoots all my clothes. For her assignment she wanted to do a fashion shoot for a catalogue/magazine layout and asked me to style it for her.

Most of the clothes used were from my large wardrobe and some of France's beautiful dresses. When she is finished perfecting them I will be sure to post them here, however here are some sneaky behind the scene's shots of me styling and helping out....

Photo by Frances Fitzsimmons

Photo by Frances Fitzsimmons

Photo by Frances Fitzsimmons

Lastly, I have some more thrilling news!! 

Jess and myself have an interview with Townsville Bulletin, Fashion Journalist - Roanne Johnson. This will be happening on Sunday which involves a mini fashion shoot of us wearing our latest creations. This will appear in the Townsville Bulletin's "NQ Confidential" section next Saturday. I will be sure to post a scan of the article once it is published.

Apologies for the lengthy post, however, I felt it was necessary to catch you up to date about everything that been happening with my label "t-maree" Yes that's right, a name change!

Until next time,