Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today was a great day. After I woke up with blearily at 10:30am (damn, hard life) I got ready to meet Steph at a pizza place where we devoured a delicious meat lover's pizza between us and still felt hungry. We then checked out an op shop, where we each found something to buy. After this we continued on to the chemist where I proceeded to rub bronzer all over Steph's chest in order to cover her extremely red sunburn! To end the day we decided to grab some macca's and had a mini picnic on the strand. Here are a few photos :)

Our healthy picnic

Nice view from where we were sitting

Steph's nice capture

Eating her mcFlurry!

The contents of the mcFlurry...

Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things I like about SUNDAY

Things I like about SUNDAY

1. Cottages

I wouldn't mind living in one.

 2. Jewelry Boxes

on my wishlist for xmas

3. Remembering this

4. Rooftop Gazing

Perfect way to spend a day/night

5. Roller coasters

Craving to ride one again!

6. Mannequins

I've been searching for a vintagey one!

7. Starry Decorations

I plan to decorate my room using this inspiration!

8. Vintage Telephones

I want one!

9. This

To put it bluntly

Enjoy your lazy Sunday...I know I sure am.

I'm feeling creative...

And one thing I have always wanted to create is - a Mood Board.

A Mood Board is a collection of images/textures/illustrations that inspire you. I felt it was time to organise the 1000's of photos I save on my computer and print them out and present them in a creative way. It will something that I can look at each day, and hopefully inspire me. I've been looking at lots of images of other people creating them and each have their own style. The only problem is...I have lots of styles that I like!? So I was thinking of having each section of the mood board for each style that I like. For example, beautiful architecture that inspires me in one corner, fashion images that inspire me in another and another corner for illustrations. So...let the creation begin! 

Here are a few images of Mood Boards that gave me the idea...

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Lately I've had the creativity bug, big time. I can't say I'm complaining because it gives me something to work towards. I love the feeling when you've just finished something that you have made/thought of on your own. It also helps you create a hobby. Recently I've started sewing and drawing more, as I thought what better time to do it then on your holidays? I also love to be inspired by other people's work. I spend most days looking through photos and more photos of what people have created and of those who think outside the square. Here are a few photos that amaze me as to how they came up with the idea!

Hope you've been inspired

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Afternoon of sewing

So today I was feeling a little creative and decided to go to my favourite store Spotlight to get some things. (Spotlight is a material/craft store). I ended up scoring some cute polka dot material for $2.50, which will eventually be made into a top and some cute small flowers. I came across a blog that used these flowers to wrap around a headband, which is where I first saw the idea. Here are some photos of the process I went through to make it! So very cheap and easy to do! It took me about 5 minutes altogether.

You will need: - Headband
                            - Small flowers 

Flowers I bought from Spotlight

The flowers and the headband I used

The stems make it easy to wrap around the headband

Wrapping the flowers around the headband

The finished product, I will be putting a photo of it in my hair tomorrow! :)

And to end a productive day, I sewed my very first skirt from scratch :) Shall be putting up photos of it another day when I finish the final touches.
Enjoy your Wednesday!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 2 - 30 Day challenge

Day 2 - Whats in your bag?

Here is the contents of my bag: It may be small, but I can sure fit a lot in it!

1. Red scarf that I bought the other day
2. Keys - of course
3. Bobby pins, you never know when you need one!
4. Chapstick
5. Foundation
6. Wallet
7. The book I'm currently reading that I picked up from a vintage store for 50c!
8. Fujifilm camera
9. Earrings, my favourite pair.