Sunday, December 25, 2011

Harper's Bazaar September 2011 / Vintage Fashion Editorial

There's nothing I love more on Christmas day than a little whole hearten inspiration. I came across this beautiful fashion editorial that appeared in Harper's Bazaar Australia Magazine, September last year. It's a vintage inspired shoot that uses actual authentic vintage, tres' chic!?

The story behind the magical photographs is a 1940's love story starring model Kendra Spears and Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn. Mui Mui pieces (my favourite designer label) Gucci and Prada were used for the shoot and pastel ankle socks with heels top off the vintage feel. 

Models: Kendra Spears, Ben Mendelsohn
Photographer: Will Davidson
Stylist: Jillian Davidson

Original photos are from dustjacket blog

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Style Icon: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson has long been a style icon of mine, and her new hit TV show Hart of Dixie just adds to my love of her (currently obsessed with this show!). Her new show creates her as the epitome of the everyday empowering woman, with a stunning androgynous wardrobe to match. Rachel pairs masculine blazers in texturized fabrics and super high heels to create her look for the show. 

 The two characters Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) and Lemon Breeland (Jaimie King) both show the contrasting tastes I have in clothes. Having such a wide variety of taste in clothing style allows my outfits to be different and creative each day. For example, some days I feel like wearing all black, leather shorts and chunky heels. On other day's I'll feel like nothing more than wearing a floral dress with girly sandals. I guess that makes everyday new and exciting style wise...who wants to have the same old boring style?

Lemon Breeland's wardrobe in the series is Grace Kelly inspired with a vintage '50s and '60s feel consisting of pastels, long hemlines and high waistbands. Her outfits include embellished boleros, vintage prints, pastel dresses and tulle skirts.

Quite the contrast in wardrobe styles yes?

I can't decide whose style I like best...but I guess that's just me. Whose do you prefer?

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A Detacher 2012 RWT Collection

As you most likely know, I'm a sucker for anything vintage inspired and a little bit grandma chic. A Detacher's 2012 Spring Collection is right up my alley with relaxed silhouettes and tweed fabrics. And being a huge fan of polka dots...A Detacher's collection perfectly incorporates this classic print in a grungy, feminine way. A label after my own heart, I tell you.

For my own little label t-maree, I plan to use lots of tweed style fabric and classic prints to form my own chic Summer collection.

However, without further adieu, fall in love and see for can also see more of them here.

A classic colour like grey will always be in fashion whether the season favours fluro or pastels, and thank god for that. Grey is a colour that flatters any skin tone and has a knack for looking chic. It's simple, chic and a little bit mysterious. 

I can see myself wearing the tweed grey dress on the left with a bright coloured belt like this one below to spice it up. 

And finally, my most favourite outfit of all, just so you know I'm already sewing myself a rust coloured polka dot skirt in preparation to team with a silk white blouse, aahhhhh LOVE!

More posts coming your way soon lovelies, until then, enjoy your lots of food and spend the day being merry!!!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workspace Inspiration

There is something about organised workspaces that appeals to me, I could honestly look at them all day. Ever since studying graphic design in my first year of university, I've been a fanatical fan of white space. After looking through pages and pages of images, I've collected a few inspirational ones that will hopefully motivate me to transform my own workspace. 

A summer project for myself? I think so...

Check back more for inspiration posts...

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Michelle Neilsen Photography

 First things first, my wardrobe has finally hit the point that when I open the cupboard, copious amounts of clothes tumble to the floor. So the time has come for a wardrobe clean out, which means I'll be selling my old clothes! Check back here for more information on this soon!!

On another note, my little 't-maree' clothes have been busy lately,  being used for various photoshoots and being worn by beautiful women ;)

Here is another creative photographer who transformed the feel of my clothes into a photoshoot with a fresh, oceanic feel. This series of photos is titled Spring Fever and perfectly captures the essence of my clothing label.

Take a look for yourself...and check out some more of her amazing work here.

Photographer: Michelle Neilsen
Model: Shawnee Thomas

Some inspiration posts coming your way soon, this week will be busy and then christmas time!! 
And then of course some serious designing to do!

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