Sunday, December 18, 2011

Michelle Neilsen Photography

 First things first, my wardrobe has finally hit the point that when I open the cupboard, copious amounts of clothes tumble to the floor. So the time has come for a wardrobe clean out, which means I'll be selling my old clothes! Check back here for more information on this soon!!

On another note, my little 't-maree' clothes have been busy lately,  being used for various photoshoots and being worn by beautiful women ;)

Here is another creative photographer who transformed the feel of my clothes into a photoshoot with a fresh, oceanic feel. This series of photos is titled Spring Fever and perfectly captures the essence of my clothing label.

Take a look for yourself...and check out some more of her amazing work here.

Photographer: Michelle Neilsen
Model: Shawnee Thomas

Some inspiration posts coming your way soon, this week will be busy and then christmas time!! 
And then of course some serious designing to do!

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