Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Casual Tuesday

As you may know, I'm currently enjoying my lecture recess. I actually get to spend an entire day home and waste the day dreaming up ideas for new designs and have some precious "me" time. 

I spent all of today surfing through vintage stores, laughing at the unique things that I found and searching through racks to find some goodies. 

Speaking of goodies...I found a beautiful green dress that I will show you in a later post...so stay tuned ;)


I cut up an old jersey shirt that I found in my closet abandoned. This polka maxi skirt I bought off a fellow blogger who was selling her clothes.

DIY Jersey Singlet - Old Supre singlet
Polka Dot Maxi Skirt - Vintage
Brown sandals - Barkins
Gold statement necklace - Equip
Sunglasses - Sportsgirl

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Monday, September 26, 2011

I made a leotard!

Making a leotard is something that I've been wanting to try for quite a while now! 

So I figured why not take advantage of my uni-free lecture recess and get down to creating one. First I made a pattern to use to cut out the fabric with, then I got straight to sewing it together! 

I will be making a whole batch of leotards soon with all sorts of girlish embellishments ready for the warm summer months! I can't wait !!

Look out for lace, florals, ruffles, bows and lots lots more ! :)

Check back soon ;)

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Interview & Inspiration

Hello lovelies,

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I recently had an interview with Celese from the Upcycle Australia blog, you can read the interview here, or simply read through the screen shots I have provided. The questions I was asked by Celese were definitely up there as my favourite interview. I like questions that are interesting, rather than always being asked the usual standard questions. Sadly, it is Celese's last blog post for that website, but don't worry she is sure to move onto bigger and better things!

As I've said in some previous posts, I'm heavily inspired by past eras and the aesthetic of the world before my time. The 70s era has become of particular interest to me of late and I came across some images that inspired me. 

These photographs were taken in 1969 capturing the style of women who attended high school and college. Back then, popular women's magazines were fascinated by what young women wore on campus and almost every local girl appeared in her local newspaper. Some of the outfits I see here are clothes that I would be seen in today. I love how casual and effortless each outfit is, I prefer this kind of style more so to "high fashion."

Purchased a top like this from vinnies the other day, this photograph makes me fall in love with it even more.

The next set of images were taken by Arthur Shatz for Life Magazine in 1969. All the women in these photographs are in high school, I can't get over how stylish they all are! If only I was allowed to dress like this in high school. 

mmm hello, this looks like an outfit I already have!?

Uni starts to slow down a little now, I shall have more time to post :) Keep checking back for more and like my facebook page to keep up to date!