Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Newfangle - Sneak Peek

It seems forever since I've touched base with you all and I profusely apologize. I'm two days out from finishing the most horrendous uni semester encountered and boy will I be delighted when it's over. 

If you follow me on instagram..(tania_chic25) you'll know that I've been putting together a film with a group. This will be finished by Friday and I'll be sure to give you a link to the youtube file. I was thrilled to be working with such a dynamic and creative bunch of girls to put this film together. I honestly couldn't have produced this without them. 

Elle Graham was kind enough to allow us to use her music for the film and her songs suited the aesthetic perfectly.

Here are some behind the scene shots...


Starring: Charlotte Durand & Lisa Naske
Directed by: Tania Clarke
Produced by: Kaitlin Bell
Filmed by: Carmen Smith
Edited by: Emily Bonaccorsi

I've plenty more to share if you check back soon...

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