Monday, February 13, 2012

Instagram Adventures

So I'll admit, I did go into hiding there for a little while. But sometimes it's important to live through every adventure without holding back to capture it. Luckily, there is a sweet little app that allows you to pause for a moment to take a snap. 
See what I've been up to...

1. Dressed up to go to the movies and dinner with mum. Shorts are from Jaxx and silk shirt from salvos. Coral clutch is from Target.
2. Bright blue nails that look green in this photo with my coral clutch.
3. Vintage floral dress with turquoise belt from Stellar Moda.
4. My outfit when I went shopping with a friend.
5. Rings from Lovisa that I wore to work
6. Myself at work taking photos for the Hunter facebook in new stock.

 1. 6am walks with a friend with a perfect view.
2. Taking photos of new stock that arrived at Jaxx.
3. Relaxing and sipping my favourite drink - lime and water.
4. Obsessed with pastel orange at the moment and all coloured belts!
5. Loving the hippy vibe of this hairstyle.
6. Drawing new designs for my upcoming collection, (soon I promise).

1. So inspired by the beautiful aesthetics of butterflies.
2. Mannequin at Ally with some super cool hippy pants.
3. Sequin tube skirts that came in at work.
4. Having fun with new stock that arrived at Hunter.
5. Kate Ermilio, one of my current inspirations and the most amazing fashion designer.
6. Blogging about the things I love in the below post.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 Things I Love About Today

So it's been a while since I've posted something like this...I sometimes forget about how important it is to seek out the concepts, actions and thoughts that inspire me.

Blogging isn't about who is wearing the best outfit or who has the best giveaway. It's about sharing yourself with the world; the real you and not just your expensive designer buys. 

So here it is friends, just a few things that have been on my mind lately...

1. The best meal of the day

That's right - breakfast. Each night I go to bed excited about what I will be enticed to eat the next day.

2. Coffee

The one thing that gets me through my day, why are you so delicious...

3. This Photoshop

Come on Adobe, invent this already!

4. Uni Life

Typical me. I've really got to stop being such a slave to technology, unfortunately once again this will occur as soon as uni rolls around again...which is not too far away.

5. Words, words and more glorious words

I'm an english freak, grammar lover and all round language enthusiast. Words add spice to a page, they're powerful and they connect our world.

6. This feeling

Have you ever sat on a beach gazing at the ocean and feeling so incredibly small? Sometimes we forget that we are just a tiny creature in a big ol' world that keeps on moving.

 7. Road Trips

Currently about to hike on an adventure down to the lovely land of Brisbane with a dear friend of mine. So typical that the thing I'm most excited to plan is what I'm going to eat. 

8. Reading

Just reminding myself that I need to recall a time when I would spend an entire day reading; tucked up in my doona with a nice cup of tea. 

9. Creative organization

There's something about being organized that makes me feel all giddy inside. I could stroll through pictures all day of how people creatively organize their homes and diaries.

10. Your reflection

I often sit in front of a mirror and stare (not in the "I'm so hot" way) but actually reflect upon the person I am, the person I want to be and how I can be better as a whole. I think it's important to constantly improve oneself.

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All photos are sourced from random places around the web, if you'd like to know a source, I will gladly track it down for you. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Elie Saab 2012 Haute Couture

With the runway awash with fairytale elegance and an array of pastel shades, it's no wonder Elie Saab has caused quite the stir. Ballgown skirts, beautiful details and rosy cheeks created the essence of his latest haute couture collection. And what a dazzling one it is. 

Backstage was no exception and by judging from the photos, I believe it may have been like experiencing heaven, being in the presence of such glamour. Elie Saab has created a collection that is is the epitome of femininity.

I can't help but fall irrationally in love with how fashion is steering towards ladylike essence with a focus on longer hemlines, luxe fabrics and conservative silhouettes. Finally I trend I can actually indulge in!

Step into his dreamlike world for yourself...

My favourite would have to be the selection of pastel green dresses!
What's your favourite?

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