Monday, February 13, 2012

Instagram Adventures

So I'll admit, I did go into hiding there for a little while. But sometimes it's important to live through every adventure without holding back to capture it. Luckily, there is a sweet little app that allows you to pause for a moment to take a snap. 
See what I've been up to...

1. Dressed up to go to the movies and dinner with mum. Shorts are from Jaxx and silk shirt from salvos. Coral clutch is from Target.
2. Bright blue nails that look green in this photo with my coral clutch.
3. Vintage floral dress with turquoise belt from Stellar Moda.
4. My outfit when I went shopping with a friend.
5. Rings from Lovisa that I wore to work
6. Myself at work taking photos for the Hunter facebook in new stock.

 1. 6am walks with a friend with a perfect view.
2. Taking photos of new stock that arrived at Jaxx.
3. Relaxing and sipping my favourite drink - lime and water.
4. Obsessed with pastel orange at the moment and all coloured belts!
5. Loving the hippy vibe of this hairstyle.
6. Drawing new designs for my upcoming collection, (soon I promise).

1. So inspired by the beautiful aesthetics of butterflies.
2. Mannequin at Ally with some super cool hippy pants.
3. Sequin tube skirts that came in at work.
4. Having fun with new stock that arrived at Hunter.
5. Kate Ermilio, one of my current inspirations and the most amazing fashion designer.
6. Blogging about the things I love in the below post.

Hope you're all loving February & follow me on instagram @tania_chic25

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  1. These are great pictures, I love the orange-y belt :)

  2. I love instagram diaries! So much fun to see! x

  3. I always love your photos! Now following on Bloglovin and Instagram as well :)


  4. Oooh love the sequin skirts!
    See you soon,
    Flower Show

  5. So, cool post. But the even cooler thing was that I read you about thingy... and you're Australian??? That is actually so ridiculously cool! I am too. Like your blog, btw. :)


  6. Hi!

    I've been peeking your blog and I'm absolutely surrendered to it!

    beautiful pics, interesting ideas, bits of your life...
    Iam following your blog and it would be a pleasure to have with me as well, if you pleased.

    wish you lots of success


  7. I am in love with your blog! Its so inspirational :D


  8. suchhh a cute post love the pictures
    would you like to follow each other?

  9. I really like instagram! Nice pics.

  10. All these snaps are so pretty! I love all your outfits and rings :)

  11. love these photos, so cute!

    You have a great blog, wanna follow each other?

    Love Lian - VFV

  12. Nice pics!

  13. thanks giirl! i love your blog too, following youu.
    such sweet pictures!

  14. I love your nail polish colors and the sparkly skirts! Very pretty instagram pictures :)

  15. Hey! :)

    Right now you're following me with GFC,
    But tomorrow GFC will be gone!
    I would loooove to hear you're going to follow me with Bloglovin' Like i do @ yours!


  16. Great photos! I love your blog. I find it very inspiring.

  17. Oh, cute instagram snaps! I love this app...I might be addicted actually haha.

  18. Such lovely pictures! That dress looks so cute on you and I love the combination of blue and coral (your rings)!! Hope the weather isn't too bad at the moment in your part of Aus.

    x Aliya

  19. Lovely photos X


  20. You have cuper cute blog and great style ! I know that everyone tells you the same but I'm seriously in love ;p

    Can't Afford Chanel Blog

  21. So neat! It will be so cool to look back years from now at all the photos you have stockpiled of everyday life :)

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  23. very cute dress .....
    your pictures are very beautiful ...)