Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Magnetic Island

Hello all, in my previous post I stated that I would have no internet. Buttt, being the savvy investigater that I am, I have found some internet to use at my disposal :) 
Here are a few photographs of the two days I have already spent on Magnetic Island. 
Hope you are enjoying your week :)

The boat we spend our days in :)

The nice little street we are staying in and Sean walking.

A beautiful boat moored at the marina

Sean on the boat getting ready to head out snorkeling

Sean walking towards the marina

The marina

This is the charm bracelet Sean's little sister made with clay for the flowers! :)

Our mess we made! Jewelry making can get quite messy

The donuts, cupcakes and strawberry cupcake were all made by me using clay. The first two will be made into earrings and the single cupcake will be made into a necklace.

Donut I made.

Cupcakes I made.

Close up of cupcakes I made.

Hope you like them!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day at the beach.

Greetings all!
Here are some photographs from today... Today I spent my time strolling along the beach with a friend after having a nice lunch at a quaint cafe. After that we decided to sit at a beachside bar called the Watermark overlooking the ocean whilst sipping chilled coke. 
What a lovely day.

I also bring some unfortunate news..I will be absent for a week with no internet! THE HORROR! I will be jetsetting off to Magnetic Island where I will spending a week soaking up the sun, tubing through the waves, snorkelling the beautiful reef and strolling along the beach! 
I promise to bring back lots of photos for you :)

All photos are taken and edited by me, except of course the ones taken of me.

Me with my new fairy lights around my bed frame

Pretty leaves on the ground today!

Lifeguard watch house on the beach

Stef playing in the sand

Steph's delightful jewelry!

Me catching the waves

Entering the lovely water :)

The jetty!

Stef strolling along in the seawater

Kicking some waves :)

Until then, I hope you have a lovely week! Speak again soon :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing day

Christmas is over for another year.. All the hype and preparation for one blissful day where people enjoy each others company and exchange gifts. I took another trip to a craft store today and got myself some star fairy lights for around my bed, some air drying clay to make jewelry and some sparkly paper to attempt to make a garland :)

Here are some images that inspire me today..

I love all the curved objects in this photo, and the dreamy style colours

Never too late to celebrate Movember right?

I want myself one of these.

I want to swap places with his boy.

Polaroids! Antiques are my favourite :)

I love the spirit in this photo.

She''s amazing, in her purest form.

I want my very own jetty to lie on

Teacup lights! How wonderful

The owl is my favourite.

Escaping to somewhere new.

Enjoying the finer things in life, 2011 resolution.

Hope your Boxing day was enjoyable..I spent mine slip and sliding on a detergent covered tarp into a nearby creek  :) haha was a great day. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010


My christmas present :) my birthday present hasn't actually arrived yet! Haha, but its on its way. Hope everyone is having a great day. 

Excuse the quality, its a webcam shot, but I was so excited so I had to take one :)


It's my birthday :) I am 19! Have a Merry Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Enjoy this special day. Hope its filled with wonder. 

My Christmas tree :)

Below are some christmas lights that I saw while out driving around tonight :) 

Have a lovely day !!! Keep safe!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Images that inspire me

Images that inspire me today!
I love coming across pictures that make me feel wonderful and creative, constantly testing the right side of my brain.

I love the antique silver, makes me feel like I'm wearing something from another era.

I want to replicate this! I might just buy a rose one day to do so :)

I love flowers in girls hair, especially the red!

This girl is GORGEOUS

I desperately want to sit here, wherever it is. How perfect would this be as in a garden.

I love the setting of her being surrounded in flowers.

I want my own little Eiffel tower :)

I love this image because it's out of the ordinary, the photographer thought outside of the square.

I'm obsessed with these kinds of jars! :) I actually bought some mini ones online that should be arriving soon...

The picture just reminds me of youth :)