Thursday, December 16, 2010

More jewelry

Here are some little pieces that I started making the other day :) The cupcake took me forever because of the detail involved, which is why there is only one there! I think I may glue this onto a clip to wear in my hair! Decide what to do with that later :) 

Also, the little bowler hats that I made are not yet finished! If you look at the ribbon also in the photographs, this is to be glued around the brim of the hat and then tied into a bow. I attempted this, but the superglue did not agree with me and ended up with myself having 4 fingers glued together. Can anyone spell disaster!? In my defense, I am quite certain that the glue is old... I will attempt these another day when I can find my glue gun..seems to go missing at the most appropriate times don't you think!? Anyway, enough of my rambling, hope you like these little babies! :)

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