Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday night.

Hello all! This past weekend I've been busy playing Nintendo Wii..I've found that I'm quite terrible at these types of games..

More importantly I bought some beautiful green satin to make a skirt that I shall wear Christmas Day aka my birthday! :) Yes my birthday is in exactly 4 days, this Saturday! I'm quite excited! I know a few things that I'm that is in the shape of a Polariod camera! 

Today I also bought some new jewelry making equipment online..they shall take a few weeks to arrive however, although I will be anxiously awaiting their arrival :) 

As of late I've been gathering ideas for dresses and searching for fabric. I've found some lovely vintage fabric online that I will be purchasing soon. There is no point in getting it now as I'm quite broke from all the christmas shopping anddd I'll be going away for about a week and won't be able to start sewing. 

I spent tonight sitting on my laptop in the comfort of my leather couch surrounded by things that inspire me..including the new craft purchases from Spotlight and fabric, pictures of dresses and the latest Frankie mag! The picture above is also something I just created as a result of thorough was inspired by bokeh and fairy lights.

Enough for tonight, I'll be putting up a photo of my skirt tomorrow when I sit down and finish it. It's quite easy so it shan't take too long.

Enjoy your humid Monday night :)

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