Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing day

Christmas is over for another year.. All the hype and preparation for one blissful day where people enjoy each others company and exchange gifts. I took another trip to a craft store today and got myself some star fairy lights for around my bed, some air drying clay to make jewelry and some sparkly paper to attempt to make a garland :)

Here are some images that inspire me today..

I love all the curved objects in this photo, and the dreamy style colours

Never too late to celebrate Movember right?

I want myself one of these.

I want to swap places with his boy.

Polaroids! Antiques are my favourite :)

I love the spirit in this photo.

She''s amazing, in her purest form.

I want my very own jetty to lie on

Teacup lights! How wonderful

The owl is my favourite.

Escaping to somewhere new.

Enjoying the finer things in life, 2011 resolution.

Hope your Boxing day was enjoyable..I spent mine slip and sliding on a detergent covered tarp into a nearby creek  :) haha was a great day. 

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