Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend at Daydream

Hello all! It has been a few days since my last post..but I have very good reason! I was drinking cocktails in pools, sitting in spas, frolicking over an island, dining and wining on Australia's very own Daydream Island. As we (my boyfriend and I) arrived at daydream island from a half hour ferry ride, were were greeted by friendly staff in tropical prints who presented us with a shell necklace as a way of thanks. 

The three days and two nights I spent there was amazing. The Whitsundays is truly one of the most beautiful places in Australia. Seeing it first hand made me appreciate how lucky we are to live in such a gorgeous country. It was refreshing to walk around the island with no more than a room key, without the hassle of keys and a phone. I actually turned mine off all weekend. 

The weather the first day we arrived was quite scorching hot (hello Queensland) but it made it more enjoyable to bathe in crystal clear blue pools that were in every corner of the island, so finding a pool was not a hard task. The second day we were there, the weather was a bit disappointing as we had planned to go para-sailing and go on the catamarans, however due to stormy weather all activities were canceled. We still made the most of the day though and spent it still in pools with the rain beating down on our heads, so heavy at one point that it hurt my eyes to open them due to the droplets pelting down. 

On the last day we were there, however, we managed to fit in para-sailing before we headed off to the ferry to catch it home. I can't tell you how glad I was to do that! Seeing the Whitsundays from 100m above sitting in a harness with a gigantic parachute above me was pretty magnificent and also a nice way to say good-bye..at least for a while. I will be back :) Here are a few photos from my trip!

On the way to Airlie Beach, the Burdekin Bridge, I really loved it!

On the jetty on the first afternoon!

In Airlie Beach, its so beautiful!

The cruise ship!

The view from the ferry!

Playing a game of mini golf!

A restaurant called the Fishbowl Tavern

On the jetty!

Overlooking the sea

Look at that sunset!

Nicest view!

Daydream Island Jetty..I really liked this jetty okay..

In Lover's Cove, a secret beach on the island. I thought these lights were quite nice.

A marine worker feeding the enormous sting-rays!

In Lover's cove, the deck chairs were quite nice!

The ferry that took us home

We were serenaded off as a good-bye treat, these guys were pretty talented!

The three famous Daydream mermaids!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)

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