Friday, April 20, 2012

Prabal Gurung Spring 2012 RTW

Forever a fan of photoshop, I've decided to delve into my creative side and begin to put together some collages for this blog. She's a little neglected if you can't half tell. This week has gone much too fast and I'm feeling the need to reflect upon what has been happening. 

Lately I've been...

....Doing some much needed uni has been completed and not yet completed...

....I've taken some time to relax with friends and have spent hours perusing over images that inspire me. See pictures on instagram @tania_chic25

....Continued my search for amazing designers...Prabal Gurung (see collage above) is my recent find who I've fallen head over heels. His designs emulate the elegance and beauty of a butterfly's wings. Not to mention I love silky fabric and watercolour inspired prints. Finding designers like Gurung only intensify my desire to study textile design. 

....I've been looking at diploma's to study at another university next year to further my employ-ability in the area I wish to develop a career in.  

....I've also been buying up a storm online with an intention to do some many overdue outfit posts.

Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with lavender and mint lately?

What have you been doing?

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All collages are my own and there copyrighted. 

Monday, April 16, 2012


Here are some little snippets of my morning. I'm currently enjoying lecture recess (a week break from university) to catch up on assignments, spend my day's drawing and drinking coffee and catching up on sleep...

I shall share more with you soon...







1. Waking up early :)
2. My beautiful ZU wedges
3. Myself before work, I love rising early to have the morning perusing the internet with a coffee
4. My outfit for going to the beach catching up with a friend
5. Painting the nails before work
6. Having fun doodling some designs

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