Sunday, July 24, 2011

APEX Fashion Design Awards Event

Lately everything has been moving at a rapid pace and yesterday was no exception. I attended the local races, which is a day of dressing up, champagne and horse races.

As wonderful as it was I had to leave early to showcase my designs at the AATFA event, which is short for the Apex Australian Teenage Fashion Awards. It is an event that showcases young up and coming design talent. Unfortunately, the event is for high school students only, however, I was asked there as a guest in order to show young girls that you can create a career for yourself in fashion locally. I only showed five pieces from my "Autumn Rose" collection and did a small speech.

Here are some photos with the beautiful girls who took their time to model them for me.

Note: I'm in my races outfit, which is a dress that I designed and made the night before! 

In this photo: Marina, Vikki, Me, Emma, Shania

Here is the back of the dress I made for races!

I plaited the fabric and then made a rose for it to be attached too.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hunter Newspaper Article

As you already may know, I now stock my clothes at Hunter Castletown, nevertheless here is an article that appeared in yesterdays Townsville Bulletin.

Stay inspired,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Autumn Rose" Collection // Photoshoot

Here are the photos from the photoshoot that I did with my clothes last Wednesday. 

This collection is called "Autumn Rose

Here is my speech from the night of the Fashion Show: 

I've stuck with a soft colour palette, which includes lots of pinks, yellows and beiges. I was inspired by the 40s and 50s which have a very feminine element attached to that era. I've incorporated lots of floaty dresses and skirts to reflect that. I also decided to branch out and make some high waist pants, one with a ruffled hemline and one with a scalloped bottom.

Each piece has a particular detail that makes it unique whether it be lace sleeves, a corset back laced with ribbon or a detailed neckline. Every piece is also a one off that only comes in one size.

This collection is a reflection of my own taste, which is quite girly and elegant and everything I've created is something that I would wear. 

When I was designing the dresses for this collection there was a quote I came across that inspired me, it said: "Your dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman, but loose enough to show you're a lady." This describes my dresses as they pull you in at the bust and the waist, which are the parts you'd like to show off and skim over the hips in a floaty style. Each piece is flattering for a woman's body.

Fashion Design is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was six years old and I enjoy taking a hands on approach, which includes drawing the picture, drafting the pattern to create my own shapes and then finally sewing it together. Its so rewarding to see a picture turn into a piece of clothing that can be worn. 

Photographer: Frances Fitzsimmons
Fashion Designer:
Tania Clarke
Models: Jessica Feaver, Margot Doherty

All these garments are now for sale at Hunter Castletown.

Until next time,


Monday, July 18, 2011


The fashion show was a whirlwind. So many exciting things have happened in the space of just a few days. Saturday night was the official launch of my label "t-maree" and I'm so grateful for all of those who came and joined in on the festivities and supported so many young talented people. 

My friend Jess Hay and I saw the conclusion of our Starburst Grant and the end of our wonderful little sewing workshops. This will not be the end to our collaboration however, as I see us doing more unique projects in the future.

I was approached by a lovely lady who owns the Jaxx/Hunter/Peach & Lola/Hooligan shops and was asked to start stocking and selling my clothes in the Hunter store. Within 10 minutes of hanging my clothes up, I already made my first sale!! What a wonderful feeling it was! Another girl would be wearing my clothes and feeling beautiful in something that I had spent hours making.

Here is a photo of the first sale I made today from a lovely girl who bought my top!

I now also work at Hunter thanks to the kind job offer from Christine, owner of the boutique franchises! I can't wait to start working there :)

Remember how I promised to show you some photos of the night? Here are some wonderful shots, my good friend Frances Fitzsimmons took of my models modeling all my designs! 

Me in the centre with all the models!

Me with my clipboard organising/organising !