Sunday, July 24, 2011

APEX Fashion Design Awards Event

Lately everything has been moving at a rapid pace and yesterday was no exception. I attended the local races, which is a day of dressing up, champagne and horse races.

As wonderful as it was I had to leave early to showcase my designs at the AATFA event, which is short for the Apex Australian Teenage Fashion Awards. It is an event that showcases young up and coming design talent. Unfortunately, the event is for high school students only, however, I was asked there as a guest in order to show young girls that you can create a career for yourself in fashion locally. I only showed five pieces from my "Autumn Rose" collection and did a small speech.

Here are some photos with the beautiful girls who took their time to model them for me.

Note: I'm in my races outfit, which is a dress that I designed and made the night before! 

In this photo: Marina, Vikki, Me, Emma, Shania

Here is the back of the dress I made for races!

I plaited the fabric and then made a rose for it to be attached too.


  1. Such a gorgeous dress! Lovely to see a fello 19 yr old Australia ;)

    -Laura x

  2. Perfect outfit!
    Like your blog! I'm a new follower. Visit my blog if you want :)

    Kisses from Germany ;-*

  3. you look so lovely and cute :) ♥