Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"t-maree" Sneak Peek

 Preparations for the Fashion Show

To say the least, I've been horrendously busy. My days consist of sewing from 9:30am until 1am at night. I'm pushing myself to get everything done, and I can confidently say that I've finished all my pieces and they are ready to go! 
Hours and hours of work have gone into each piece to make it unique and wearable. 

My collection will be called "Autumn Rose" and consist of high waist skirts, high waist shorts, cropped tops and a few dresses. I have spent time on each piece giving it some form of detail that will make it unique. 

I finished them all last night at 12am right before my machine needle decided to snap hence the reason I woke up this morning to drive to Spotlight right on their opening time! That needle needed to be replaced drastically!

All of today was spent doing the photoshoot with my designs, which will be released next week as well as the runway shots of the models wearing them on the night. 

Here are some sneaky behind the scene shots....

Check back soon for the photoshoot and photos on the night of my 
fashion show "Illustrating Fashion"

Until then,


  1. these are lovely!

  2. you used margot!! <3

  3. Those shorts(?) that Margot is wearing in the first photograph, I'm fairly certain that I need those!!

  4. yeah babe they are shorts! They will be for sale on the night :)