Friday, December 24, 2010

Images that inspire me

Images that inspire me today!
I love coming across pictures that make me feel wonderful and creative, constantly testing the right side of my brain.

I love the antique silver, makes me feel like I'm wearing something from another era.

I want to replicate this! I might just buy a rose one day to do so :)

I love flowers in girls hair, especially the red!

This girl is GORGEOUS

I desperately want to sit here, wherever it is. How perfect would this be as in a garden.

I love the setting of her being surrounded in flowers.

I want my own little Eiffel tower :)

I love this image because it's out of the ordinary, the photographer thought outside of the square.

I'm obsessed with these kinds of jars! :) I actually bought some mini ones online that should be arriving soon...

The picture just reminds me of youth :)

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