Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome Back/Stellar Moda Fashion Show

So I've done it again. I've left my poor blog unattended too and abandoned... Although it has been a while since I've touched base, I hope you all have it in your hearts to forgive me! Sometimes in the blogging world, it's nice to take a spell and sit back and enjoy the ride, however I thought it was time to update you in the world of "t-maree" and let you know where my little label is at.

University and final semester exams are done and dusted and I'm enjoying the blissful serenity of holidays! Oh aaand not only is Christmas around the corner, but so is my birthday!

So without further adieu, I'll let you in on what activities I've been busy with....

Not long ago I was involved with a fashion show for Melbourne Cup Day, displaying the beautiful garments that are for sale at Stellar Moda, a gorgeous designer boutique that takes residence on Palmer Street in Townsville. Labels such as Cameo, Barino, Wayne Cooper, Maurie & Eve and Alice Mccall were sashayed down a runway to eager fashionistas. Here are some little snapshots from the day for you to peruse....

Tabita and I before the runway

A gorgeous Alice Mccall top with sequin Cameo shorts

Alison and I before the show

Stunning Coop design with feather embellishment (see below)

Clothes, clothes, clothes <3

More stunning designs waiting to be worn!

Myself before the show!

Alison resting her legs before her debut

A beautiful Bec & Bridge design that I instantly fell in love with

Ellie in my favourite outfit of the day

Bec & Bridge dress

Debuting a Maurie & Eve design

All the models and fabulous contributors backstage

Ellie modeling a Stellar Moda dress

In the beautiful feathered Coop shift

I'll have some more updates shortly for you, and psssttt...I'm currently designing a Summer collection for "t-maree" !!!!

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  1. Do you have Instagram?? Most of the photos look like they're from there. If so, my user name is jacylenore...I'd love to follow you on there as well!