Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have finished my first year of university as of 8pm tonight, where I completed my last exam :) so very happy! It was a year of change, new experiences and opportunities. I met some great people and have changed so much since high school. I love the openness and freedom university life gives me, when it is over I will miss its flexible schedule. Although I won't miss the stress, 3 months away from it is a long time, but the excitement to go back will escalate as these months pass. As a bonus, I think I did alright with my exams and assessment, results will tell however. So grateful for everyone I've met and for what I've learnt in this past year. :)

That being said, i'm also excited that it is now Summer and Christmas is nearing..


Sunbaking...with sunscreen of course

Fun in the pool!

Relaxing on hot summer days

My goal this summer is to be able to drink a beer. Will let you know how I go!

Good luck to those that still have exams!

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