Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm feeling creative...

And one thing I have always wanted to create is - a Mood Board.

A Mood Board is a collection of images/textures/illustrations that inspire you. I felt it was time to organise the 1000's of photos I save on my computer and print them out and present them in a creative way. It will something that I can look at each day, and hopefully inspire me. I've been looking at lots of images of other people creating them and each have their own style. The only problem is...I have lots of styles that I like!? So I was thinking of having each section of the mood board for each style that I like. For example, beautiful architecture that inspires me in one corner, fashion images that inspire me in another and another corner for illustrations. So...let the creation begin! 

Here are a few images of Mood Boards that gave me the idea...

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