Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Afternoon of sewing

So today I was feeling a little creative and decided to go to my favourite store Spotlight to get some things. (Spotlight is a material/craft store). I ended up scoring some cute polka dot material for $2.50, which will eventually be made into a top and some cute small flowers. I came across a blog that used these flowers to wrap around a headband, which is where I first saw the idea. Here are some photos of the process I went through to make it! So very cheap and easy to do! It took me about 5 minutes altogether.

You will need: - Headband
                            - Small flowers 

Flowers I bought from Spotlight

The flowers and the headband I used

The stems make it easy to wrap around the headband

Wrapping the flowers around the headband

The finished product, I will be putting a photo of it in my hair tomorrow! :)

And to end a productive day, I sewed my very first skirt from scratch :) Shall be putting up photos of it another day when I finish the final touches.
Enjoy your Wednesday!


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