Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday morning antics

This was my morning...I had set my alarm so I would have plenty of time to get up and get ready for my exam at 8:15. Alarm goes off, I press snooze convincing myself that I would only close my eyes for a few minutes then proceed to get ready. HALF AN HOUR LATER, I decide to wake up. Ever experienced one of those mini panic attacks when you think you're going to be mega late!?!? I had that this morning. Not to mention my eyes were blurry for a good 15 minutes so I stumbled around aimlessly. 

On a side note, who puts an exam on at 8:15am!? So epically cruel. Anyway I ended up getting to my exam just on time as everyone was about to go in the door :) all thanks to getting ready fast and scoffing down some food. On the contrary, I think I did okay! Phew! Now for my last exam tomorrow....let the study begin! 

My vision this morning...

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