Friday, November 5, 2010

Things I like about FRIDAY

Things I like about FRIDAY

1. Ballet

I've always been mesmerized by its beauty

2. Vintage style boats

I want to sail on one

3. Candy stores

Because they make me feel like a kid again

4. Bringing trees to life

I want to do this to my yard this Christmas

5. Bunk Beds

So many fond memories :)

6. English Literature

by Emily Bronte

7. Eiffel Tower

I will visit you one day.

8. Good old Nintendo!

I actually pulled out an old one and played it a while ago :) must do it again

9. British phone boxes

I want to use one!

10. Quaint cafes

we need one of these where I live

11. Skipping

Just reminds me of primary school :)

Enjoy your FRIDAY !!

PS. Like my new sign off?

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