Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Style Icon: Kate Bosworth

When I get asked who my style icon is, I never fail to respond with Kate Bosworth. She's gorgeous, she's talented and more importantly, she's ultra stylish. If I need inspiration, my fingers immediately begin typing her name into the google search bar.

It's good to have a style icon that has a similar skin colour and body type as you. I possess light skin, blonde hair and a petite frame, so when Kate wears something I can get a general sense of what would suit me. Of course I don't have her amazing looks and body, but we can't all be blessed!?

Kate's style is the epitome of chic, simple and classic, which is everything I aspire to be. I've noticed lately my style beginning to become much more chic as I steer away from the vintage feel more so to simplistic basics mixed together. I've found a new obsession of trying to find the ULTIMATE white t-shirt, you can never have enough right? I'm also loving white t-shirts mixed with leather and denim. More outfits posts on my style coming soon ;) I've got some new things to show you!

Enough of me, it's time to get inspired by Kate Bosworth...

After seeing this I spent hours hunting for the perfect beige dress and red heels.

She does minimalism so so well..

Not just your ordinary barbie pink dress, minimal accessorising makes this dress the centerpiece.

Ultimate festival chic

Who knew an all beige number could look so good?

And again Kate shows that less is more..as long as you have the ultimate red shift.

I'm still hunting for the perfect mint coloured maxi skirt, I'll have to resort to making one just to have this outfit. Note her perfect white T ;)

Would you ever think to wear this combination together? Here she is showing off the latest Proenza Schouler Spring 2012/RTW collection, better than the model herself...

Kate does casual best

Recognise that sweater? Well it's an Isabel Marant one of course ;) and just between you and me, Sportsgirl had a similar one in stores not long back...

Kate puts the most simple combination's together for an ultra chic look, every time. Sigh..

PS. Don't you think those boots she has are similar to mine? She's the reason I bought them in the first place ;)

More personal inspirations of mine are coming your way soon, I have so many inspiration images to show you! By the way, my holidays are coming up soon, which ultimately means...MORE TIME FOR BLOGGING :)

Until next time,

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  1. LOVE her..have you heard of her jewelry line JewelMint? I posted about it


    and here:

    but you should definitely check out jewelmint.com for yourself if you're such a big fan! All of the stuff is GORGEOUS.

  2. She is insanely beautiful & stylish, x