Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summer lovin'

Spending my days worrying about what colour I'm going to paint my nails is what I would describe as a dream. This past year has been filled with the stresses of university and it's quite nice to only deal with the smaller issues for a change. The Summer holidays have been hot, stress free and filled with free time.
Here are a few things that I'm loving at the moment, including some presents and my latest purchases.

I've also been investing my time into making this blog more visually appealing, including using these neat little

 Image one: All rings from Lovisa - I'm slightly obsessed with beautiful rings at the moment and this is just a small pile of my collection.

Image two: Roxy Jacenko's latest book about the inside stories from working in her PR company Sweaty Betty. Gossip, drama and fashion; a perfect Summer read. Bangle is a cheapie from Equip and turquoise earrings from Lovisa.

Image three: Summer nail colours that I'm loving at the moment. This aqua colour is my latest obsession!

Image four: New Clinique makeup. I have become tired of cheap nasty looking foundation and I thought it was time to invest in some good quality makeup. A perfect base is essential for any makeup look. I got these for much cheaper than normal retail price at strawberrynet.

This little beauty is what my mother gave me for Christmas, similar to the Devil Wears Prada one Anna Hathaway wears below don't you think?

As I've mentioned previously, I am still on the hunt for the perfect white shirt, but this one at least comes pretty close. Chiffon, silky fabric, button up and a cute white pocket. And $24.95 from Temt, yes you are my latest love.

Hope your Summer days are blissful and stress free, pop in again soon!

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  1. really enjoyed this post! I wrote a review on Strictly Confidential a few posts ago it's on my blog :)

    If you don't mind me asking what website did you use to create those collages with your photos- they look unreal ! x

  2. very cute coat and nail colors!
    What do you think about the Clinique foundation? because I have one and don't really like it. I feel it heavy in my face, even though I don't put too much. Also, what did you think about the pore minimizer? I was thinking about buying it, but didn't know if it was good.

  3. I would LOVE to read that book. I should really try get my hands on it before I go back uni and have no life again. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :) I am pretty sure you did buy a bunch of my stuff.

    Just so you know, I have cleaned out 3/4 of my wardrobe again and when I get around to it I'm going to put a bunch of stuff on facebook again.

  4. Hey Tania! Soooo excited, you're my 500th follower! Thanks so much. Now following you too xoxo

  5. Hi there hun,

    Toatlly empathise with ya, it seems this past year has been supremely hectic for a quite a number of people here but glad to hear that s all past you and you can stress on some more flimsy-esque things :P That teil polish is so gorgeous on you and Im very much itching to get my hands on some similar ones now haha.

    Eeli x

  6. Thanks so much for following my blog dear, I'm going be doing the same right after this ;) I've just finished and internship, and let me tell you... not having to wake up early and do my 9-5 is heaven in itself already!

    I was on my search for the perfect white blouse as well, I found it at Club Monaco ^^ but for quite expensive ): the one you have here is very nice!

  7. I love those rings and your blog :). I've started a new blog on men, love and relationships and would love if you visited to share your insights on these topics.


  8. That green leopard coat is just amazing :)
    Kisses :*