Sunday, April 10, 2011

Collections I Adore

So apart from designing clothes, attending university and so forth I also stalk out designers collections. There are so many at the moment that I adore, especially from the Melbourne fashion show that has just been held. However, here are some random collections that I've come across that is definitely worth a special mention.

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent is a label launched in 2003 that produces garments that are casually elegant using rich luxe fabric. Cynthia doesn't follow trends as her pieces are unique and a little off-beat. Her Spring 2011 collection is filled with ethnic inspired prints, rich browns and mustard as well as staple colours such as navy and black. She also combines this season's nudes to create an elegant palette of colours for her maxi and mini dresses this season.  

You can find more from her collection here.

Another collection I'm in complete awe of this season is Kahlo.

Kahlo's "A Blank Canvas" collection uses a neutral palette combined with black to give the clothes a little more edge. This season's biggest trend "minimalism" is the essence of this collection as structure and texture is the focal point. Mixing leather pieces with suede in simple but structured shapes creates wearable peices that is flattering on most shapes and sizes.

I don't know about you, but I'm lusting over that suede dress and wine coloured pants!!!

I hope you enjoyed me sharing my latest loves with you!


  1. Great blog, love your taste and your designs! All the Best!:)

  2. Hey Tanny, You're blog is so lovely to read, I feel as if you say everything i would if I could or if I was as talented as you.

    Love Stella x

  3. lovely picture + watching you :)