Sunday, April 17, 2011

Loreal Paris Fashion Festival

This entire week has been spent on drawing, sewing and fine-tuning inspiration. I have some sneak peek photos to show you of what I've been up to...that will come in a later post (so stay tuned!). 

The way I draw inspiration is to look at the creativity of other designers, including the unique shapes they produce for their collections. The first thing I look at when I see a garment is not the colour, not the print, but the shape of it. I'm attracted to unique styles of clothes and the way the designer has manipulated the fabric to create an original design.

On March 14th to the 20th, the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival was held. I really really wanted to go to this, unfortunately it wasn't possible at this time. However this doesn't mean that it is not attainable in the future, or perhaps actually showcasing a collection of mine? (Long term goal!!).

Here are a few designers that I've been inspired by and my three favourite pieces from their collections..

Alex Perry has been an idol of mine for many years. He is no doubt one of Australia's greatest ever talents. His glamorous designs have been seen on celebrity after celebrity. Alex Perry knows how to design for a woman's body, with his glamorous gowns creating a sensation on red-carpet events and has been doing so for 17 years. His latest collection "Arabian Princess" is yet another reason to admire his hard-work and incredible talent.

This collection saw Alex Perry continue his love for jewelled corsets, body-con dresses, elegant 50's style bell-shaped lace dresses and peplum jackets in colours ranging from black to zebra print. 

Alannah Hill captured my interest when I came across her beautiful clothes about 6 years ago. Her quirky take on elegance sets her apart from any other designer. From starting her own boutique in Melbourne, Alannah Hill has come a long way to become one of Australia's most established designers. 

Her new collection "Mysterious Girl" uses sequins, bows, peplum and over the top headbands. This collection channels a little bit of Blair Waldorf. Bold prints and bright colours contrast together to create girly school-girl inspired garments. 

By the way...check out her website if you want to step into her enchanted world (kudos to the web designer!!)...

Sass and Bide are designers that inspire me to be unique and distinct. They take their label beyond boundaries and are recognised all over the world by their unusual garments.

Their latest collection "Papre Sucre" is futuristic and tribal inspired. Digital prints, watercolour splatters and textured raffia is the essence of this collection. Sass and Bide show that by thinking outside of the box and breaking all the rules can have you acquiring all the benefits.

After reading all of this, I guess you can tell that I have very different tastes... which definitely makes dressing myself everyday a delight and a challenge.

Above all, like anyone I yearn to be different and unique, something I hope is reflected in the collection I'm creating for my Fashion Show on Saturday the 16th of July at Cereal Box.

Anyway, I have so much work ahead of me, so I best get some sleep in order to start all over again tomorrow!

I hope you've been inspired!


  1. I love all of these collections! My favorite is "Mystery Girl". Totally agree that is has some Blair Waldorf parts to it.

    Mint & Mellow

  2. I love all these dresses and clothes! I know you will make better clothes ;):))

  3. Clothes is awesome!!!

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