Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Embrace the Green

This Spring, I plan to embrace the colour green. I've become quite infatuated with this wonderful vibrant colour. My old high school uniform used to be green and I guess thats the reason that the colour green and I fell out of love for so many years (who liked high school!?).

However, we are back in touch luckily, because I came across this little number and couldn't take my eyes off it. The retro feel of this 60s mini dress is what attracted me to it at first as well as the classic vest shape. I paired it with tan accessories to tone down the vibrant colour of this dress. 

Sometimes when I'm choosing an outfit for the day, I can feel this inner retro wanting to force its way out. I guess it comes from watching my mother dress when I was child as her style was quite retro and on trend for her era. 

I attribute my love of vintage to my mother as well, for getting me into second hand shopping at such a young age. I grew to love what others considered trash and I'm still heavily influenced by vintage and second hand wonders from local thrift stores. 

 60s Mini Dress - Vintage
Tan Belt - Vintage
Tan Sandals

Check back for more later today!

1 comment:

  1. I will totally embrace that green! And I am freely available to take that dress off your hands once you get bored with green! Share the green around Tania!!

    Your fave photographer :)