Monday, October 4, 2010


If this were my room, my life would be COMPLETE.
<333333 this outfit, her expression and her hair.
This girl is absolutely gorgeous. She makes me want to convert to the dark side.
I love this photograph, the girl's outfit on the left is definitely something I would wear.

Here is the cure to your MONDAYITIS!

So Monday has rolled around again, and it is met with a long groan. I hate Mondays because it means another full week of work and uni. Here is the definition for something I call "Mondayitis"
The seemingly contagious disease that effects people on Mondays. Symptoms include not showing up for work or even calling in, usually triggered by over celebrating Sunday. Home cures include late night breakfasts, sleeping late and half-hearted pledges of sobriety. Usually lasts until Friday Eve. 

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