Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A casual Wednesday afternoon.

Today was another day of university!

In my criminology subject we have to do debates. They are so nerve-racking, my group presents ours in a few weeks. My topic is opposing the death penalty. In some ways I am very against it, but then I also believe that some societies may need it. It's such a controversial topic, but also pretty interesting. I've done some research and it's actually pretty scary the amount of people that have been put to the death penalty that were later found innocent! That is going to be my main focus, because the death penalty is of course - irreversible

This is an illustration by Sarah Hankinson, she is AMAZING, I love every single piece of her work. Her work is more fashion based. Seeing these images inspired me to start drawing again.

Today I also decided to buy a sketchpad and some pencils. When I was younger you would never see me without my sketchpad, as I would draw alllllll the time. As I got a bit older, other interests take over such as seeing friends, going out on weekends ect and you lose time for the things that you really enjoy. It annoys me a bit that I stopped doing what I love, because I think I would have improved alot more if I had stuck to it. But as they say, better late than never...

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