Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Polka Dot Mustard

The colour mustard and I have had a long lasting love/hate relationship. As a child every time I saw this not really brown but not really yellow colour I reeled away from it in disgust. Now that I am older, I am starting to see its beauty especially when worn the right way. The moment I spotted this long sleeved shirt and long pants duo for sale in a vintage store, I fell in love. 

The pants were originally long and baggy (waaayy past my ankles) so I decided to trim them off and make them into cuffed high-waisted shorts. Wah-lah! These once grandma pants, were transformed into something chic and wearable. 

The black top also featured in these pictures is one I have designed and sewn. I didn't have a cute little black top to wear with these shorts, so I decided to make my own. It was kind of a quick night-before-I-wore-it job, but I think it still turned out okay!

PS. I will also show you the matching mustard shirt in another outfit post soon ;)

Photography by: Frances Fitzsimmons.

Hope your day is special. I'm in for a massive day of university filled with journalism, media law and public relations! 9am-6pm here I come!!


  1. cool shorts.


  2. LOVE those shorts!! simply fab. you are so pretty!


  3. Very cool shorts! Love this look.