Friday, March 4, 2011


Hello everyone!

I'd like to take some time today to tell you of all the exciting things that I am headed for in the future! Updating this blog is getting harder as I get busier, however, I will still try my best to make it as regular as I can. 

You are now looking at the newest Fashion Journalist for Mayhem Magazine! A local arts/fashion/culture magazine located in the Townsville region soon extending to Mackay and Cairns. My job includes writing stories about fashion in those areas as well as upcoming designers. I also get to have my very own Fashion Column! How exciting!! I'm really looking forward to getting a start on that :) When they are published I will post pictures on here of it!

A mid-year Fashion Show is also in the talk with Cereal Box.. I will be designing and creating a collection of clothes to showcase at Cereal Box, with models wearing my designs walking a runway! I'm hoping to make about 20 outfits to showcase and hopefully find about 20 girls to wear them on the night. I will be posting here about the progress and organization of what the show involves here. Lately I've been doing a fair bit of model scouting...I will be doing more of that as the Fashion Show etches closer and closer. Another photo shoot with the designs will also be produced around this time as well :)

I am getting to be extremely busy with designing and making clothes, maintaining this blog, having my own fashion column, attending full-time university and working part time! But hey, they say if you love something to immerse yourself in it. So I say, FULL STEAM AHEAD!


  1. :)
    Mayhem, how exciting!
    Ive been writing for them too!
    Im a bit keen for the next launch!


  2. That was my job when I was still living in Townsville! I absolutely loved it and I know that you will be fantastic at it. Congrats girl! xo

  3. Nice to hear abot thing what happened around you! Good luck for EVERYTHING!:)) I hope you'll love it!:)