Monday, March 7, 2011

Yellow Frilled Dress

Hello lovelies! 

Here is a sneak peek preview of what the new collection is going to look like! I am aiming to make about 20 outfits to showcase for the mid-year Fashion Show at Cereal Box. This is the first item I have made for it so far and I have many more designs that I will be making in the meantime to get ready for it. 

I stayed up until 2am to try to finish this (I have this annoying pet hate about going to bed with the nagging feeling that I haven't completed something!). As exhausted as I was I chose to retire and finish it today because this dress was quite complicated. 

This is made from 100% recycled fabric, I hope you like it!

So so sorry about the quality! Unfortunately my camera is being difficult with self-timer, however I wanted to include it anyway because a dress can look completely different on a person than what it looks like on the mannequin!

Have a lovely day! I am off to do some more uni work.. :(


  1. SO amazing Tania! You are so talented..can you make me a dress? hehe. I wish!! Hope you have a great week love bug. xo

  2. This dress is my new favourite! I love your works really.:)) have a nice day!

  3. Words cannot accurately describe the beauty of this dress! Stunning, absolutely stunning! I know if I saw this dress in the shops I would not hesitate before purchasing it :) xx.