Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Work Station

The middle of the week is when my schedule starts to intensify. Actually, I think my whole week is full to the brim with uni, appointments, projects and work. As the months progress, it will only become more hectic as assignment due dates etch closer and closer and sideline projects such as sewing start to become a great deal larger.

So it's not only important to keep in touch with friends, but to also put aside a little time for yourself just to gather your thoughts and get your mind back on track. What better place to do it then your own little room? My "work station" as I like to call it, is a room filled with things that I love where I can partake in hobbies that I enjoy. 

My favourite room is filled with sewing equipment, craft supplies, fabric, mac computers <3, clothes and images that inspire me. So I invite you to take a tour of my own lovely creative work station. This is a place where my projects take place and my creative juices eagerly flow from within. Let's take a look shall we?

Here is my sewing desk! I generally like to keep my macbook pro beside me at all times in case of a sudden urge to blog/facebook addiction....

Here is the right side of my work station with my imac sitting there looking beautiful, as well as some Uni books, my inspiration board and a dress I made a while ago hanging up.

Here is my sewing cupboard, I would show you inside, except its so full I'm afraid every time I open it that some object will come crashing down on top of me. Here are some magazines I've been flicking through as well, although my Frankie isn't there, which is definitely a staple read!!

My over locker (it's been temperamental lately) perhaps it's showing its old age? You can also see some sewing books there as well as my pin cushions and some patterns I've made.
Say hello to Ruby! (my mannequin). My different assortments of fabric and trusty black folder of cottons are also on display here!

So there you have it, the room where I spend a great deal of my time in. Is it weird that as soon as I see my sewing machine I instantly become inspired to sew? As small as this room is, it has a quaint cosy feel to it, one which I feel most at home in.

Be inspired.


  1. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! How I envy your style and sheer talent. It makes me want to learn to sew and use a sewing machine! Thank you! :) xx.

  2. Love love love!!!! I have a sewing studio 2! :) I want to be a fashion designer and right now i am studying fashion design. :))