Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to blogging!

After five days without power and some days without any water, it's good to finally be back to normal. The aftermath of Cyclone Yasi brought tragedy to the entire state of North Queensland. A devastating blow that will not be forgotten for decades down the track. If you would like to read more, feel free to Google "Cyclone Yasi" and gasp upon the devastation it has reeked. 

However, back to normality also means back to blogging! Ahh, no internet access is quite tormenting! I am slightly ashamed to say that the first thing I did when the power came back on was do some online shopping... A hobby that will be the death of me one day, but hey a girl has her priorities right!? After $300 escaped from my Visa Debit (well-spent I say!) I am now impatiently awaiting the arrival of some lovely goodies! Courtesy of an online UK shopping website ;)

I've painted a picture of the items that shall be in my impatient hands shortly!

1. Arthur Canvas Lace-up Ankle Boot (Brown)
2. Angel Wool Ankle Boot (Black)
3. White Silk and Jersey T-shirt (Lime)
4. Tailored Wool Paperbag Skirt (Red)
5. Annabelle Lace-up Boots (Black)
6. Cut-out Side Popper Vest (Chestnut)

When they arrive, I will be sure to photograph them for you!
Have a lovely day!

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