Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cereal Box Launch Night!

So Friday night was a wonderful success! Stressing about it all week, certainly added to the buzz and nervousness I felt as soon as Friday afternoon hit. As 6:30 passed, the doors were open to the public and people begun to fill the gallery. And boy, did they ever!! The gallery was full to the brim with a variety of people that came down to support the local event. It was fantastic to see that the Cereal Box has such a following, that people are interested in supporting the art and cultural scene they are trying to bring to Townsville. I guess that is why the Cereal Box appeals to so many people, because it is unique and brings a different feel to the CBD.

As the night progressed, a few of my garments were being sold, which was pretty exciting to see! I was approaching people handing out the URL of my blog and hopefully people will log onto it to check it out :)

At the end of the night I had sold 4 out of 9 rings, and 5 out of the 6 garments I had for sale, but yesterday I sold the last garment!!

So I will definitely have to get sewing and sewing..which will be much easier now my mum has set up an entire sewing room just for me :)


  1. you are so talented! your blog is inspiring. love your taste and the pieces you make. <3

  2. you're AMAZING! i totally wish i could get a hold of your clothes cuz they're so gorgeous! awesome style!