Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photo shoot of tmc designs

Ahhh what a day! And boy am I exhausted...exhausted in the best form possible though. Spending an afternoon with wonderful people doing a photo shoot was a great way to end the last weekend I have without the stresses of university. I started out the day picking up my photographer friend Frances and traveling to the location we chose for the photo shoot. Ugh, is the only way to describe a North Queensland summer. With sweat forming on our brows we waited for our model and assistant to arrive.

Once they arrived, changes for the first outfit presumed as well as a quick make-up application, trying not to let the heat deter us! My model Jessica Feaver was a real trooper, after coming from a night spent in the hospital taking blood tests and another early morning visit to the hospital, a day spent in the heat modeling wasn't exactly what I would feel like doing. As well as having to do nine outfit changes in the middle of a public park with merely a towel protecting her from spectators eyes, she performed it with grace and a great attitude.

Although an already eventful start to the day, a kind lady was passing by with an incredible vintage style bicycle and with a whim of confidence I decided to yell after her to ask if we could borrow her bike for the photo shoot. She was more then happy to lend "Penelope" to us for a few photos and after chatting for a while I was glad to have met such a lovely stranger and invited her to the Cereal Box Launch that she delightedly agreed to attend.

With daylight running out, a few more quick changes and captures and the photo shoot was complete. I can't express to you how much I enjoyed today and spending it with great people. It feels really good to finally be doing something that has been a dream since I was the dear age of four. It wouldn't be possible though without the encouragement and support of those close around me. 

Sorry for the massive post, now here are a few "Behind The Scenes" shots and after my wonderful photographer has worked her magic, the complete photo shoot will be up on my blog within a few days. So be patient and stay tuned!

Hope your day was as lovely as mine!


  1. I love this post! What kind of camera does she use?? In summer I made a lot of photoshoots like this :-))) I love this one, too! Good luck for the more shoots!

  2. hey :) i think she uses a canon 7D, i think!! but its something flashy like that! and thank you ! xx