Thursday, January 6, 2011

A rant about society

Here are some pictures to stimulate some thought about society. I spend a lot of my time pondering about the different aspects of the world we live in. Perhaps a little too much. Analyzing something a great deal certainly has its downfalls as hidden flaws begin to surface. Society has a powerful influence on us all, yet I don't think that we know we can also have a powerful impact as well. I think its important to reject the norms that we so openly accept. 

From a young age at school our beliefs are conditioned by parents, teachers, adults that surround us and other children. Religion in primary school partakes in an important aspect of conditioning our beliefs. Christianity or Catholicism is the only religion that is taught in most schools. How does that broaden our views and perspectives of the world when we are given only one naive and narrow belief? It is something that makes me quite angry.

That is enough for tonight as I leave you to listen to the rain battering down upon my roof. A sound that is both blissful and indignant. My only wish is for you to make up your own mind about the world you live in.

Happy thinking people!

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  1. It's sooo trueeee!!! I feel like the same way! SOmetimes I'd like to tell my opinion about a lot of things to people who I hate or don't like... Why do they hate them, who doesn't really have the nicest clothes, the most amazing shoes or accessorize.. And I don't know why do they do this? I'm that person, who have thoughts about everything and I just thinking thinkging about something for weeks or months. Soo I love this post. And have a good day!