Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scrapbook/Inspiration Book

The creative juices have been flowing lately. I'm always inspired by photographs, ideas, people and objects around me that I see. I've been getting more and more into the fashion side of creativity as since I was a small girl I would rather sit down and sew my barbies clothes and decorate the interior of my dollhouse, than watch tv shows. I would never be seen without a needle and thread or a pencil in my hand. After years of neglecting the things I love, it feels good to finally be getting back into those hobbies. 

Back on I purchased a small visual diary so that I could create a scrapbook/collage of inspiration, ideas, articles from magazines and designs. It's also something to look at each morning before I choose what to wear to help me be creative in the way I dress.
Here are a few photographs of how its looking so far :)


Nothing like a shorts and shirt combo.

The front cover!

A page in the book

My favourite colours of glitter!

Hope you like!


  1. silver and golden glitters are amazing, your book with those pics are just great, i love that ^^

  2. I love this book, Tania! And these pictures are awesome. hehe Lily Melrose. I love her blog and style, too. ;):)

  3. thankyou lovely ladies!! :) ooo who is lily melrose!? xx