Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend at Mission Beach

If you have never been to Mission Beach, I recommend it. For the past three days, that is where I have been spending my time. Strolling down long beautiful beaches, sprinting from the beach to house in order to avoid torrential rain, and enjoying the cool weather. Weather that is so very unlike a North Queensland summer. It is the perfect place to escape from your current lifestyle and hometown.

Lately I've been searching through my favourite blogs for inspiration and I have come to the decision that I need to invest more time into making my blog better and more entertaining for you to read. Some fresh ideas can never go astray. The one thing I desperately need to work on is my writing. I study journalism at university, so writing of course is a major aspect of my course. Actually, the whole reason I started this blog in the first place is to have a place to escape and write. So, look forward to longer and more entertaining posts! Although the short post may occur occasionally, as time is of the essence.

Hope your weekend was wonderful and I shall leave you with some photos to look at from my trip :) These are photographed by me, with a few taken by my boyfriend (the ones of me). All are edited by yours truly.

Plenty for you to look at!


  1. what editing program do you use for your photos? if any?

  2. hey there :) i use Photoshop cs4 to edit all my photos! Tania x